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Welcome to GreenFeats, no its not a typo, the name actually originated from our vision of this emagazine, namely to create a hub for feats in green and sustainable developments and achievements – large and small. Hence the logo which comprises of one large feat and many small ones, because that’s the way we see the green agenda moving forward. So many people want to know what they can do, unsure of where to start or whether their small contribution will make any difference sometimes they hesitate and that’s a pause the planet cannot afford. So share, tell us about what you know, what you want to know and what has worked for you.

With content written by people passionate about the subject and reviews of products to help you make informed choices about which eco products might be best for you, we want GreenFeats to become essential reading for everyone.



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If you would like to be involved or have any suggestions or simply want to have your say you can either comment on a article or email us at: info@greenfeats.org

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